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Designed to stand the test of time ...

Geyser Contracting offers a wide range of concrete services for both commercial and residential buildings. Our services include pattern, colour and broom finish for sidewalks, driveways, patios, hot-tub pads and more.  We specialize in ICF foundations and structural retaining walls.

Broom finish parking pad

If you're looking for a high quality residential or commercial concrete solutions, you have come to the right place.  Our team of experts will provide you with professional and friendly service.  We specialize in concrete for sidewalks, driveways, patios, hot-tub pads, foundations and much more.  Geyser offers a wide range of concrete finishes including: exposed aggregate, pattern, broom finishes, and customized colours for a beautiful and unique look for your property.  

With our expertise in ICF Forms, we can create blueprint/ custom foundations, or we can provide concrete solution to fit your specific needs.


Out here in the Shuswap means that flat land on your property is probably non-existent, which is why we offer retaining walls that are also there to add structure and safety.

Our commitment to providing top quality workmanship means that our services and products are top quality too.



Concrete prep
Patio concrete prep
Retaining wall
Retaining wall stairs
Brick retaining wall
Corner of retaing wall
Parking pad prep
Front concrete pad
Custom concrete
Foundation prep
ICF forms
ICF forms
foundation prep
Poured foundation
Completed Brickwork
Complete retaining walls
Concrete parking pad
before and after
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